Field demonstration of active laser stand-off detector FALCON 4G-S

SEC Technologies has hosted a public demonstration of active laser stand-off detector FALCON 4G-S.

FALCON 4G-S has proven its detection capabilities at distance of 4 621 meters during 3 releases of SF6 even in though weather conditions.

SEC Technologies is a dynamic company with expertise in stand-off detection.

We are a trusted partner for customers around the globe when it comes to detection of chemical and biological warfare agents and industrial toxic chemicals from distance.

Our R&D team is pushing edge of science nearly 30 years and has developed a unique active stand-off detection technology that is helping end-users around the world to prevent critical situation.

SEC Technologies is the only company that has developed a working battle-field proven active stand-off detector for chemical and biological warfare agents. This success motivates us, to invest further into R&D and bring innovative solutions to our customer and in such a way contribute to safety and security of people around the globe.

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Our mission is to develop and produce excellent CBRN stand-off detection products which allow our customers to reliably and rapidly detect all CBRN threats at large distances to provide them enough time to react and to create a unique CBRN detection R&D platform that attracts and excites exceptional people.

JCBRN Defense Center of Excellence

On the 1st of June 2016, SEC Technologies. s.r.o. was invited by JCBRN Defense Center of Excellence in Vyskov, Czech Republic, to present results of the latest development efforts. We shared our technical progress of active stand-off detection and also our future vision with CBRN experts from a number of NATO countries.

We are looking forward to be back at this vibrant place that is pushing thinking in the CBRN arena.

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Stand-off Detection of SF6 by FALCON 4G-S

Stand-off Detection of freely released SF6 using FALCON 4G-S
We have conducted trials of FALCON 4G-S developed by SEC Technologies. On December 10th 2015, SF6 was freely released in a field 4 km away from the detector. FALCON 4G-S has successfully detected 100g of SF6 at a distance of 4 km. More details of the trial are shown below.

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On the 10th of December 2015, detection of SF6, which was freely released in a field between villages Iľanovo and Z. Poruba. Stand-off detector was placed in SEC Technologies, s.r.o. building on the 5th floor.

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