What is the smallest cloud You would like to detect?

The smaller the cloud you wish to detect the higher resolution You need. Like on the camera picture with better resolution You can see smaller details. If the detail you are looking at is smaller than your pixel it will be invisible for you. We are not talking literally about the visible graphic on the display but rather about Field of View (FoV) and the smallest cloud (vapor) we are able to identify.

Falcon 4G is 4th generation of laser-based CBRN stand-off detectors, that can detect, identify and quantify chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals using absorption of laser radiation caused by molecules of agents and biological warfare agents by evaluating particle size using DISC technology. 

  • High sensitivity 

  • No calibration

  • Active laser technology- 2 lasers

  • Battle field proven 

  • Long detection range 


SEC Technologies focuses on Stand-off and long-range detection and identification of airborne chemicals. Small concentrations, far distances in kilometers and precision matched only by point detectors will give you an unparalleled advantage. With our flagship product, Falcon 4G, you can simply visualize cloud in 3D image without necessity to have two or three gdetectors aligned for triangulation. With consumption bellow 25W it becomes reliable partner working tirelessly for the whole day on the battery. Very important as Falcon 4G will be the only stand-off detector that will see the secondary cloud. Long time after it became invisible for all other systems due to the loss of its temperature difference in the environment. Based on pulsed - low energy lasers Falcon 4G is undetectable on the battlefield.