Stand-off Detection of freely released SF6 using FALCON 4G-S

We have conducted trials of FALCON 4G-S developed by SEC Technologies. On December 10th 2015, SF6 was freely released in a field 4 km away from the detector. FALCON 4G-S has successfully detected 100g of SF6 at a distance of 4 km. More details of the trial are shown below.


On the 10th of December 2015, detection of SF6, which was freely released in a field between villages Iľanovo and Z. Poruba. Stand-off detector was placed in SEC Technologies, s.r.o. building on the 5th floor.

Download Flyer

Download Flyer

Explanations and additional information:

  • During the field test air temperature in the target area was 8 – 10 °C (quite hot for December), wind was unsteady, visibility was very good, better than 10 km;
  • Target areas were close to wooded area or clearings;
  • SF6 was released from a 2 liter pressure bottle; details for each release;
  • SF6 was released in upper part of the selected area and up the wind (e.g. the wind was blowing from East, therefore the SF6 bottle was placed at the East edge of the area);
  • Effective field of view approximately 1,5 mRad; 
  • Measurements were done each 10 seconds;