Street crime-based segmentation trend monitoring and prediction

We offer real time analysis and continuous monitoring of criminal activity and seet crime trend modeling for various socio-demographic groups. Based on criminal data available, we are able to segment the street crime  from victimology point of view - different crimes are relevant for different groups of people. Thus, we are able to identify significant crime zones for people with different socio-demographics background e.g. young family vs. single male business man (this could be relevant for Real Estate Market and tourism). Combined with GPS data, we are also able to identify the safest path trough city or manage trade-off between safest road an shortest distance (relevant for GPS companies). Also, we can describe a crime development and extrapolate observed trends in criminal activity with strong levels of statistical significance (this is relevant to developers and investors - example: the richest guy in Brooklyn is the guy who realized that the crime there is dropping continuously, but the real-estate market did not react with increase of property and land prices yet. He bought cheap, waited for the crime to drop off and got rich). The crime zones are moving dynamically across the city, changing the game.