Detection on Demand

Stand-off detectors can be rented for a long or short periods and with or without operators. Reach out to us at in case you would like to receive more information. Our active stand-off detectors have been successfully used during a number events.


Product Line Falcon 4G

Falcon 4G is 4th generation of laser-based CBRN stand-off detectors, that can detect, identify and quantify chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals using absorption of laser radiation caused by molecules of agents and biological warfare agents by evaluating particle size using DISC technology. 

  • Active laser technology- 2 lasers
  • Battle field proven 
  • Long detection range 
  • High sensitivity 
  • No calibration

Falcon 4G-S+

  • Detection of CWAs, TICs and BWAs
  • Detection range 6 000 m
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Fast start-up time 
  • Fast detection time- 0,25 s
  • Extended library 
  • Improved durability
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Falcon 4G-S

  • Detection of CWAs, TICs and BWAs
  • Detection range 6 000 m
  • Fast detection time- 0,25 s
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Falcon 4G-B

  • Detection of CWAs and TICs
  • Detection range 5 000 m
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Wallace: Laser Warning Receiver

The system is designed for detection of laser irradiation from laser assisted weapons and can be used on all kinds of military vehicles or important stationary objects. 

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