Scanning speed and the smallest cloud You would like to detect

The smaller the cloud you wish to detect the higher resolution You need. Like on the camera picture with better resolution You can see smaller details. If the detail you are looking at is smaller than your pixel it will be invisible for you. We are not talking literally about the visible graphic on the display but rather about Field of View (FoV) and the smallest cloud (vapor) we are able to identify.

Mapping and observation of various clouds with one stand-off detector

Staying one step in front of the enemy requires to have all the right information. Gathering and analyzing info must be simple. When it comes to chemical attacks, once You find yourself in the high-risk situation it is all about the right information in the right time. Seconds makes the difference. You want critical data to be available without spending too much effort on it as your effort will be needed elsewhere.

Chemical stand-off detection from the helicopter

During rainy and fogy day in Slovakia yet another CBRN frontier was conquered in Stand-Off detection. Falcon 4G, mounted on the helicopter underwent trials in both hovering mode as well as flight mode detection. Fighting not just rain but mainly vibrations, aiming, stabilization and undertaking successful detection at the same time from the distances between 240 meters to 2340 meters from the flight path were the main emphasis of the trials.