SEC Technologies, s.r.o. at Exhibitions in 2017

Do you want to meet and chat with us about our detection technology and products?  We are going to attend following exhibitions in 2017. See you in our booth!

SISPAT, CBRNe Asia and eXplosive Asia 2017
21-23 March 2017, Singapore - Marina Bay Sands
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CBRNe Convergence
16-18 May, 2017, London
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NCT Europe 2017
The world's #1 CBRNe event series includes CBRNe Europe and eXplosive Europe 2017
27-29 June 2017, Sonthofen, Germany - Bundeswehr CBRN School
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CBRNe Convergence Congress & Exhibition
6-8 November 2017, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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SEC Technologies, s.r.o. at Exhibitions in October 2016

October is busy at our side. We have just hosted a public demonstration for our active stand-off detector Falcon 4G-S.

If you would like to find out more, visit us at one of following exhibitions this month

Successful Demonstration of Falcon 4G

On 06.10.2016, SEC Technologies has hosted a public demonstration of stand-off detector FALCON 4G-S. The weather conditions were bad (snow, fog). The measurement path was located in realistic conditions of an urban area (other gases present in atmosphere, various objects such as high voltage power lines in proximity).

FALCON 4G-S has proven its detection capabilities at distance of 4 621 meters during 3 releases of SF6 even in though weather conditions.

JCBRN Defense Center of Excellence

On 1st of June 2016, SEC Technologies. s.r.o. was invited by JCBRN Defense Center of Excellence in Vyskov, Czech Republic, to present results of the latest development efforts. We shared our technical progress of active stand-off detection and also our future vision with CBRN experts from a number of NATO countries. We are looking forward to be back at this vibrant place that is pushing thinking in the CBRN arena.