Stand-off Detector of Chemical Warfare Agents: Model FALCON 4G-B

Stand- off Detector of Chemical Warfare Agents (model FALCON 4G-B) is produced in cooperation with Vývoj Martin, a.s., a progressive company with rich history in the field of engineering and detection technologies in particular.
FALCON 4G-B is a laser sensor, which detects chemical warfare agents using absorption of laser radiation caused by molecules of CWA. Increased possibility of chemical warfare becomes a harsh reality because knowledge spreading across the underdeveloped countries. Our chemical and biological threat R&D facility focuses on the passive defense capabilities for contamination avoidance (detection, warning and agent identification).

Key Features of Stand-off Detector of Chemical Warfare Agents: Model FALCON 4G-B

Download Flyer

Download Flyer

  • Detection of CWA without physical contact with agent
  • Automatic detection mode
  • Long detection range up to 5,000 m
  • Very fast detection less than 0.5 sec
  • Weight (29 kg)
  • Active laser technology
  • Permanent surveillance of area of interest
  • Clear information from display
  • Measurable distance and amount of CWA
  • Easy manipulation
  • Small and compact size (used by battery power)

Flexibility of Stand-off Detector of Chemical Warfare Agents: Model FALCON 4G-B
Falcon 4G-B is easy to transport, it is quickly maneuverable and contains only a few components (unpacked Falcon 4G-B comes in 3 boxes)
Falcon 4G-B components:

  • Aiming telescope
  • Quick maneuverable perimeter
  • Rechargeable battery source
  • Removable in split of seconds

List of detectable agents
CWA detector can monitor and detect wide range of agents as:

  • GA (Tabun)
  • GB (Sarin)
  • GD (Soman)
  • GF (Cyclosarin)
  • VX (Special military gas)
  • HD (Sulphur Mustard)
  • L (Lewiste) 

Detector is universal and available in different models

Mobile version (vehicle version)
national security can flexibly monitor areas for prevention
weight: 28 kg (excluding special platform), platform provided
Typical installation & application: preventive monitoring of
temporary areas
special type of meetings of high profile representatives
urban area
Installation on army vehicles, special forces, police, civil defense, CID

TRIPOD Version
size: 507 x 272 x 296 mm
weight: 29 kg (excluding tripod and battery)
Typical installation & application:static monitoring of
high profile areas
special risk targets
airports & ports
special industrial areas
Installation in short time (3 minutes for one operator)