Custom data compression and encryption algorithms

We have good experience in developing of custom compression algorithms and data-specific compilation systems. Clients, using such algorithms, come from industries like energy, telecommunication or surveillance.  
Customization of data compression is achieved via “teaching” compression algorithms what data they should expect to compile in the future. This way, the algorithm takes advantage of knowing what will be the statistical profile of data sample (frequency of data, expected maximum and minimum of data points, etc.) it will be compressing in next step.

Why to use custom compression algorithms? 
Custom developed compilation systems have much higher compression performance, than algorithms used for compression of unspecified data. This allows our clients to store, manipulate and communicate data in higher quality and volume.
Because of their custom nature, our compression algorithms are prone to decryption of compiled information, compared to the general compression algorithms.
On request, the security of our compilation systems can be advanced, by deploying custom software-lock system, allowing only people with correct software key to unpack the compiled data.
Our custom compilation systems allow your analysts to perform specific analysis on high volume of data, without the need to unpack whole data sample.