Measurements reports of using Falcon 4G-S

Today, we would like to share with you reports from our latest measurements using various simulants.

Our active stand-off detector Falcon 4G-S is capable of detecting chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemical at distances up to 6 km in real environments. Such a detection range is 20-times better than of the best passive detector available on the market. In this document, we provide an overview of measurements conducted with Falcon 4G-S in various environments, with different substances and at various distances. At the same time sensitivity of our Falcon 4G-S is on average 30-times better than of the best passive detector available. Some chemical warfare agents defined by NATO are detectable only with our Falcon 4G-S (e.g. Cyclosarin). Sensitivity of Falcon 4G-S is on average 5-times improved compared to DD-CWA DIAL, which is the Falcon’s predecessors in the product line.